Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our school’s art stream has a special rules

The first class (4P5) and second class (4P4) has addmaths, perdagangan, account

The third class (4P3) has no addmaths, but other subjects are

The fourth class (4P2) taking art with the fifth class(4P1)

But when you’re form5, 5P4 has no addmaths

Therefore, if jump down to 5P4, is equivalent has no addmaths, waste a year to study addmaths in form 4

But better, because we still the second class, no addmaths mah no addmaths lo
But the worst is ! today maths’s teacher told us that
“If not staying in 5P5, next year direct change to 5P1”
WTH?!!!! Means from the first class jump to the last ?
What's going on? If we are less the addmaths subject, even though we have perdagangan with the account, we still less P3 P2 P1 of a subject !

In this way, next year I’ll be the last class? ! !
I don’t want I don’t want!!
T ^ T P4 to P5 class is followed by the ranking of the addmaths, so if addmaths not get credit, then byebye ..

Asked me to go study now ? How could !

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