Tuesday, August 4, 2009


6:00 am of 4/8/09,suddenly my mother walked into my room, standing at the bedside, and said
"阿明舅舅死了..." "整身变黑色和僵硬了。。"
I thought I still in a dream, but it's really, really ...

My mother has six younger brother, this 舅舅 is the youngest
小舅 still single, 44 years old this year, no wife, no children

小舅 stay with another 舅舅 (阿成) 『aka his brother』
about 4am,阿成uncle wake up for toilet,he saw 小舅 lie on the sofa,
he thought 小舅 rest at there, so he ignored
6 o'clock in the morning,阿成舅舅,went to touch 小舅's shoulder and called him to rest in room
But then,小舅 had passed away a few hours, body stiffness, the body is black

I thought 小舅was rest in peace
But after they discovered that 小舅 is 咬着牙根、手握拳头
Hospital does not accept小舅's body, not test what the cause of death ...
Only know that a few hours before he death, 小舅 together with a group of 猪朋狗友drinking

just went to his funeral, stay till 11pm ++.
today my mother said, one of the 舅舅 starting to saying and grab about 小舅's property
Although 小舅not rich, but he has a apartment,a car, a motor,and a foodstall business ...

one of the 舅舅 want to take all the property, but 舅舅's funeral cost, all don't want to pay ...
dare to fight about the property in front of the coffin of 小舅, such a brother like that!

but anyway, I hope all will in peace
小舅, well all the way ~ rest in peace ~

【sry my english got grammar and vacabulary problems】

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