Monday, April 9, 2012

Heritage Walk

I have a idea to organize similar heritage walk like what we joined in year 2009
Rangers organize committee spend alot of time and energy to success this events

honestly I really hope it can going smooth and successfully without any boring
so I set a competition for members take turns to be our tour guide
this will let them get extra marks for achievements
but this event was 65% failed because many members cannot cooperate
and they couldn't want to pay more attention and prepare for it
with take care of 18-20 years old 70members by 4 organize committee, we swear we had tried our best.

a big LIKE to those active members, they really help a lot and give us a big support
really appreciate for some members because they will volunteer themselves to help those members that not willing to present the history of heritage

here I share our photos
we only visited :
1. Yap Kongsi
2. Dr. Sun Yat San's Penang Base
3. Islamic Museum
4. Masjid Jamek
5. Khoo Kongsi
6. Hock Teik Sin Temple
7. Cheah Kongsi
8. Masjid Kapitan Kling
9. Guan Yin Temple
10. St.George's Church
Infront of Yap Kongsi

Infront of Dr.Sun Yat San's Penang Base

Infront of Islamic Museum [it is just beside of Dr.Sun Yat San's Penang Base]

On the way to Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi's Art Museum Display

Khoo Kongsi's Cinema

Khoo Kongsi's Generation Gallery

Khoo Kongsi Temple  # Take 1 #

# Take 2 #

# Take 3 #

# Take 4 #

# Take 5 #

# Take 6 #

 haha Khoo Kongsi is the biggest, richest, famous kongsi in Penang, so we take more photos here
# Take 7 #

Inside of Hock Teik Sin Temple 
# Take 1 #

 # Take 2 #

 # Take 3 #

 # Take 4 #

 # Take 5 #

 On the way to Cheah Kongsi, this old man is playing a OLD PIANO? sound is nice and amazing!!
 Inside of Cheah Kongsi
Ntv7 Drama 香火 is taking here~! 谢香堂~~

 Infront of Masjid Kapitan Kling, they explain history by Singing with own lyrics~

Field of St. George's Church, we're excited and crazy man //syok sendiri//

 Best Presentation, they explain the history by Dancing and Drama some more ~

 Group's photos was taken by a Korean Tourism

So sad that we failed to visit others 11 Heritage that inside our schedule
I think we all will have fun at Fort Cornwallis Lighting House!
because we can climb out there and taking alot of photos!! I climb it 2 years ago but I didn't take any photos at there =(

We failed to visit :
1. Teo Chew Temple
2. Fort Cornwallis
3. Memorial Wall
4. City Hall
5. Town Hall
6. Court Buildings
7. Penang State Museum
8. St. Xavier Institution
9. Convent Light Street School
10. Cathedral of Assumption Church
11. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

the title and theme is 7km Heritage Walk, but I think we just finished not more than 3km Walk  =/