Friday, February 22, 2013

CNY 2013

I don't think I will write much about angpow, reunion, food and houses in this Chinese New Year because it's too bored for you all as you know it's similar with others

so I'll just blog about some day with a group friends hanging out

start my article in 14/2/2013 (除五) which is a Valentine's day for every couple, unfortunately I don't have a valentine in my valentine's day

Jesea come to fetch me for breakfast at 点心之家@Anson Road in the morning
after that we went to Thai Temple praying, Youth-Park jogging, back to my house for bath, go Jesea's house for a nap.....
and she cook valentine's lunch - scallop spaghetti for me

nice scallop but not nice spaghetti XD
we went to fetch Jing Yan & Nicole for gathering and dinner
we plan to go Kek Lok Si but the end we spend our night at All Seasons Place

every restaurant in All Seasons Place need to queue up for 30-50minutes,
finally we can sit down for our dinner in Who's Bryan
BIG MENU!!   Nicole
Jing Yan , Nicole
Ev , Jing Yan

 after that Fish come to meet us with Jerome after valentine dinner
Jesea , Fish
and we meet Weline "accidentally" XD
Up - Weline , Jing Yan , Jesea
Down - Nicole , Ev , Fish
so sorry that my lousy Nikon camera have bad snapshot when the light surrounding is darker

photo from Nicole :
Nicole , Jing Yan , Jesea , Ev , Fish

Jing Yan , Ev , Jesea , Nicole

Jesea is shorter, but she want look taller in picture, so what we done HAHA


17/2/2013 (除八) afternoon, I drive to airport with Gniliy to fetch Liangwei
Liang Wei arrive in Penang airport because it's international

Fish & Jesea wait us at Boston又一城 @ Egate

Liang Wei, Fish
Up - Ev ;
Down - Gniliy
pity Liang Wei have to treat us all haha, paiseh nia~~~

afterwards, Fish went back by herself,
I parked my car at Jesea's house and we all sit her car to Butterworth
Jesea, Gniliy
Liang Wei , Ev 
sorry my angle problem XD
Gniliy , Jesea , Liang Wei , Ev
Strong wind in ferry and our hair and face are so messy, errr but seem like i'm the only one look so messy @.@

my turn to drive Jesea's car in butterworth, so they all keep taking picture and chit chat in the car XD
Jesea , Gniliy

I drop Liang Wei in Butterworth Terminal Bus Station
and we go Sunway Carnival for movie - The Wedding Diary II 结婚那件事之后

the main reason we went to butterworth because we want to eat Raja Uda Tomyam as dinner
but all closed on this day because "拜天公" =.=
forget which stall of this but taste quite nice
we all are self-lover in anytime anywhere
Jesea , Gniliy
I look ugly yes I know -.-
Ev , Lance

18/2/2012 (除九) , my "8po sister gang" date to visit each other house and get angpow from each other parents XD

1st house - Katrina's house
Shyan Yhat , Hoay Shan , Gniliy , Yee Wu , Ev , Katrina

2nd house - Shyan Yhat's house
Shyan Yhat , Yee Wu , Ev , Hoay Shan , Katrina , Gniliy

3rd house - Hoay Shan's house
Hoay Shan's mother cook lunch for us...
when we have food, we forget everything, we forgot to take picture in her house

4th house - Ev's house
everyone start to feel exhausted after lunch in Hoay Shan's house and whole day chit-chating....
I always feel sleepy after eating =X
Up - Yee Wu , Katrina , Ev
Down - Gniliy , Hoay Shan , Shyan Yhat

5th house should be Gniliy's house
but badly her mum don't allow us to go her house, so sad =(

the last house is Yee Wu's house
I have no photo in Yee Wu's house because photographer Shyan Yhat didn't send me yet
but what she send me is emo-ing picture =.=
well I really don't know when she took this picture =X
I'm not emo, I just concentrate Katrina playing piano

the night dinner is 辣妹子@Crystal Point,
we all promise that we wont come back anymore
Yee Wu said another branch will be better much than this
for me......
老鸭汤 is 超级非常咸 super salty
辣鱼汤 is 超级无敌非常十分够力辣!super duper hyper much spicy !

we all feel not full and want to go Marshall Burger for supper, but badly it closed on Monday =(

my 8po sister gang will hang out in coming Monday =)