Thursday, July 16, 2009




级任 :校方要见总平均少过50的学生
爸爸 :50啊~
级任 :她成绩蛮差的
爸爸 :actually I don't know how to speak chinese,may I speak english?
级任 :o sure
爸爸 :haiz,so bad result
级任 :parents should be more care about her result,that's why we want to see parents
爸爸 :all C D E F G..
级任 :ya,all failed
爸爸 :I just register a BM tuition class to her
级任 :maybe she can's catch up..
爸爸 :walao,maths aso get G..chinese also get so bad result
级任 :你跟不上addmaths跟maths咩?(对着我说)
爸爸 :chinese school's student BC also get so bad result
级任 :maybe because form4 exam paper not same as last time,now all is subjective and essay writing
爸爸 :her language(BM BC BI) all get failed
级任 :should let her study more
爸爸 :she always online and didn't study at home totally
级任 :don't let her play too much
爸爸 :I want stop her already.If let her mother know,sure get scold
级任 :playing enjoy is ok,but have to study first
爸爸 bad result and call me to take,malu..

blah blah blah blah blah blah

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