Tuesday, June 28, 2011





包括接受她花费RM1.8Million来开一个facebook fans page?




当一盘NASI LEMAK要卖 RM1,000,000 的时候

你不懂,他们的任务多伟大 !


与其等人在facebook “写点什么吧...”


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
we bought a Xperia X8 for my daddy's birthday,so we didnt buy anything for him in this Father's Day =(
I got suggested present for daddy,but JieJie is not allowed! ><
so skip it =X

this time we went to INAKA Japanese Restaurant, very nice and delicious!
I suggest you should try Bento Set ! or u may try Spiderman Ramen , very special name...

that's all, I lazy to post more =X

hohoho, Happy Father's Day to all BEST DADDY in the world

let's see my hamsters (HACHI)
he bite Angry Bird !!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

someone 'perli' me

since I didnt update my blog so longggggggggggggggggggggggg time
somemore I do not have any interesting topic to share with you all =X
so now I think I need to remove all "mushroom" in my blog....

many friends is wondering what job I work after SPM till now
and they wonder why I so busy of my duty
so I would like to share my current stupid job in this article
[I'm not only work as waitress in weekdays]

after my spm,I worked part time under my company now [ one of the event company in M'sia]
after worked for some period,my CEO of my company would like to upgrade my position due to his company still new in market [even CEO always need to 亲历亲为=X]

what position he set me?
the position is name Event Team Leader

What should I do as a Event Team Leader?
1st, when my company having projects that need promoters to promote the product of brands in outlet, I need to seek ambassadors/promoters for those projects
I will get pay for projects, count by the amount of promoters and working days
maybe sometimes will have some projects going on in a same week

I'm not showing off that I have this "威水" job that let me earn many money in my age that not over 17years old
actually I really want to share about my life at my OWN blog, like last time...

maybe you do not know what is promoters for sampling activation in outlet
let's share some photos to you all

sometimes there will have some events in shopping mall

honestly,I will always took the promoter's job if I interested of the product
so that I can earn together Team Leader's pay and promoter's salary

sometimes I will seek promoters on web
when I met them in real person,they will feel shock why this head hunter is a little girl
for sure,at 1st feeling, I will always fail to get their trust on me =(

some days, my sister have a meet and a chit chat conversation with a friend at somewhere
the friend is very shock and "perli" that I'm just a little leader and seek for a little amount of promoters and handle a very small projects
that was so funny! my event company is not like others big company
some more we didnt mention that I very clever,smart,rich,powerful...
please, I do not have any CERTIFICATE of KXX Diploma MASS COMM to work for those big company
dont forget I just a part timer and I'm studying FORM6 currently
for sure,I wont study those expensive Diploma Cert and work for the job that I worked before at age of 17yearsold!

sorry for any sentences may let you feel uncomfortable =X you know I'm not saying you,I just saying for who always discrimination people

but the main point is here....
I have to drop this Event Team Leader position because I have to concentrate my study
many friends,senior even promoters advise me to pay attention on my STPM
I giving a good oppurtunity to my friends X)