Sunday, October 3, 2010

Penang 1st BURGER KING

the last time I patronized in Burger King was 3years ago
I wonder why do not there is no burger king franchise in Penang?!
but now, it's OPENED!

When my father came to fetch me back from school, he told me that he saw an advertisement about Penang Burger King opening.
*scream* Yey! Finally we have BK in PENANG!!!!!
some more it's located at SUNGAI PINANG! [my hometown]
therefore we ride around the area to look for Burger King but we failed.
haiz... my father forget the location and address! =(

then we ride to ESSO patrol station and borrow newspaper to look back for the BK advertisement
all ESSO workers is looking at us ~.~

finally we found BK! and we try it without my mum's permission =X
 It's really a nice place for study actually, with a nice sea view~
however this place is not fully developed yet, so there are not many people know this place yet

But I believe there will many people come to visit because here is the ONE and the ONLY BurgerKing in Penang!!! =DDD


狮子蛋卷 said...

我还没吃过burger king,
下次去试试! =P

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