Friday, June 4, 2010


exam was over, let's congratz me =D
actually I don't want came the school today
but because of Account examination paper result
I'm been torture by the first 8 period>.<
nothing to do,others class was sitting exam,teachers not teaching,I keep sleeping zZzZ

this mid-year exam, I gave up all the subjects except Account
YES, obviously I want the watch that worth RM400++ (gift by Account teacher)
but I didn't get it =(
so the end, I regret gave up all the subjects = =
conclusion : 专攻是不行的!


as the title given
a BIG news to me....
and you may interested with it

guang ming : 德士色魔性侵逾十人‧專挑同校女生
let's click the link if you doesn't know this news

What the hell= =!
this time is YOU! 德士佬(以广东口音)mempersiasuikan CHINESE! diu you=X

my father says: " If I'm father of one of the victims, I will CUT his reproductive system on the spot "


the word 随传随到 really shock me -.-


haha,this one is so funny, I thought this case only will happen in hong kong movie
but this Madam just called the taxi come and catch him= = not really 放“蛇”

So, please DO NOT simply sit any taxi to hang out
especially form3 & form4 students, I always see a lot of juniors call taxi come to school fetch them to Queensbay or Gurney after school
Don't be the next victim

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