Saturday, May 11, 2013

Best Friend Farewell

if you're my friends in real life, or a loyal and good memorize readers of my bloggy, you know I have one of my best friends who name Jesea / Dong Dong / Shi Min

I know her when I studied Form One in Union High School, she is a naughty and noisy student, she very hiao and like to act "lan yeng" pattern
I hate her so much because I think she is so annoying and noisy classmate, and as a School Prefect that time, I hate this type of naughty student

Well, she hate me too, hate I act so serious being a prefect [ I think many students hate prefect right?]
hate my outlook and face because I'm ugly!!
[ as a prove, see what my face in Form One ]
face problem, that's why so many schoolmates hate me that time

we can't be friend in Form One, because we hate each other actually

but we become so friend when we study Form Two
the reason is because my best friend that time is Choi Ley, and she very friend with Choi Ley too
she move to sit beside Xiao Bai (who sit infront of me)
and then we become a group of naughty, noisy, annoying students....
Choi Ley and me quit from board of school prefect because we becoming naughty students!
as a experience of being school prefect, we know how to skip school law as well =P

I can't find much of her last time ugly picture because we don't using friendster anymore

but let's see her stupid noob face when she was young
girlish~~ and cute, how good if you can be a pure girl now

when we was studied Form Two, my daddy know her because she need transport to go Gurney Plaza after school sports competition
My daddy fetch her by using motorcycle, you know how the way she sit my dad's motor?!

hell, she sit like this behind my dad's motor !!
my dad shout and shock!! HAHAHA
because she never sit motorcycle lah~~~

we don't same class in Form Three, and she been boycott by whole form because she became more Lan Si
and she changed school in Form Four
after she changed to Phor Tay High School, she becoming hardworking on study....

She been arranged to study Form 6 in Penang Chinese Girl School, but she wish to study together with us in St.George's Girl School
so my dad n I help her to apply from government

when she studied in St.George's Girl School, Fish, Yi Ling, she and I become a group of Best Buddy which name K4 (Kapsiao 4)
and now she go further study in Segi University in Kuala Lumpur, so K4 make a little farewell with her

Yi Ling and I think the best gift to her, the end we plan to gift her a photo frame with all our K4 memories
deng deng~! not really nice we know because we did it not very artistic and well

but still hope that this is a best and precious thing for you to put in your hostel, at least you feel warm in your hostel when you're alone X)

when Yi Ling and I prepare the gift to her, we still don't forget to crazy in the mall
can you see, we're pointing the UBAH !

stupid yes I know, towards mother's day !

7/5/2013, We go The Mugshot Cafe for high-tea as a little farewell celebration

Mugshot is a very nice environment for taking photos and high-tea

this is very nice!!

they only selling coffee, yogurt, cake and the bread

let's share some photos of us in Mugshot
from left : Jesea, Fish, Ev, Yi Ling 

Yi Ling, Ev
 The gift from Yi Ling and me
Fish, Jesea

alot of empty frames there for photo shooting lover

this is the favorite of every customers for taking pictures because it's so special

it's all about election voting fever before 5 May 2013, because everyone got hope to change government

from left (top)  : Jesea, Ev
(bottom) : Yi Ling, Fish
We never forgot to Chok because Chok is our style and we always like to Chok

we wearing black together because we need fair and clean election, and democracy was died on 5 May 2013 because of dirty magic from Barisan National
Kita Anak Malaysia~!

opps sorry, topic is moving...

Address : 302 Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact Number : 012-4056276
Business Hours : Daily, 8.00am till 9.00pm
Facebook : The Mugshot Cafe

Friendship last longer and unchanged, #bestfriendforever
we miss each other bed and parents so much

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