Friday, April 5, 2013

temp staff

almost forgot about my bloggy because I have nothing to share recently as you can see the last article was in Chinese New Year

nothing much to write in this post, just want to update to my blogger readers that I'm still alive! XD

I worked as a temporary staff for Penang 1st Uniqlo opening from 1st-15th March,
honestly I feel so annoying and hate to work at first
the reason is I not used to their style and I hate to HUNGRY!

Uniqlo QueensbayMall opening was 8th March but why all temporary staff start work at 1st March? because we need training,simulation,learning,standardize,replenishment and so on...
p/s, others full-time/part-time staff started to work from January/February

what I've learned from there are Fast, Energetic, Cheerful and so on
we need to do everything fast (so we always need to run), and we need to keep cheerful, so our face will be like this
shared from Yee Wu, haha just a joke

and what I get are a group of colleague a.k.a friendssssssss~

let's share some photos of us
our first gathering dinner before opening, 6th March @ Taipei 101
most of all are temporary staff, and with some part-timer

our 2nd gathering dinner after opening, 12th March @ Seoul Garden QueensbayMall
most of all are temporary staff, with some part-timer & full-timer

the day we went Uniqlo to take our wages, and cheong k in Neway
all temporary staff but few of temporary staff not here =(

we went to yong ern's house @ Central Park after dinner gathering at Tea Tac Toe, 18th March

so surprise yong ern's birthday at 19th March

but now temporary staff not keep in contact always because we're not working together now, and normally just those staff who still work at there keep in touch, by the way so glad to know you all =)

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