Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm back

halo friends, I'm back !!!

I finished my SPM,badly I want to shout :" I don't know how to do all papers!!"
because I did not fully prepare >.<
I always online and relax, so I feel REGRET now even I haven't take my SPM result

maybe you will say this to me :" aiyo, not yet take your result that means you still don't know your result,maybe all A+ leh~"
if you told me this,I would like to answer you.......
my first day of SPM, I forget to bring my SPM slip and IC, even my first paper(BM 1) angka giliran also made mistake!!! PA141A079 is my angka giliran,but I wrote PA141079,my A has been ate when I felt hungry in examination ~.~

maybe you think I will enter COLLEGE in future? so I cincai cincai take my exam
but, I WILL NOT enter college,even got alot of scholarship or what ever biasiswa
my 1st choice is FORM 6,if I can't enter it, I just work and stop study
no why ~.~
I know college give us alot benefits,like finished study faster than local-U or whatever
but my family is WONT allow me enter college

some more if my result is failed to enter FORM 6, that means I can't apply any good result scholarship
and I need to pay all fees after I finish study (although only pay RM100++ per month)
the main reason is actually my brother & sister,
they study Form6 after that entered Local University (especially my sister now is studying Master in Local-U)
so you know why? because I can't be the special one
hopefully, I can enter form6...AmiTorHut [my sis promise gift me a 2nd hand DSLR if I enter F6]

are you shock because I write a english article this time?
haha,because I just finished my CHINESE subject yesterday
I felt dissappointed on it
I just hope my BM paper 1 can get marks although my angka giliran made mistake >.< AmiTorHut again

p/s: SPM前一天,爸妈去帮我问神,看需不需要喝什么符水还是什么的,结果.....

Actually I don't feel happy after finished SPM
I feel more relax when SPM duration
I feel stress after exam, and I just cried because of my mum scolding about what I plan in this holiday
I didn't plan for play and relax in this few months (not same as my other friends)
I just plan work every day but I just want to work with what I want
but she force me and plan 2 job in a week for me
I can accept 2 job in a week, but I just want the job I like
I don't want work under a place like a sohai anymore
with the name and experience that useless

stay tuned,my 鸟话blogspot is coming back, still alot of things need to share with you <3
I going to stay in Parit Buntar,Perak for a week ! bye,need to take ferry now =D

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мιss vιиcэ said...

I thought u already you sun sam tim...><
see u always sleep behind me...xD