Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To my sister


Recently should I say busy?
Asked me busy of what? I said : MeeIdol年尾歌唱大赛!
Later on my sister will scold : Don't Play Meetoto ANYMORE!!!!

Ok Next...-.-!
KL trip!!! Should I follow my sister to KL?

Choose Kl,there would be no meetoto T_T ; Choose to work,there would be no KL

Actually this article I want to show for sister 【jie,please highlight below content =X】

EI,your panties still hanging in the kitchen's toilet !! You weekend come back for three days,three days of panties are in the toilet..

Ask you take to dry under the sun,you say you want to dry in the toilet=.= Mum is mad now

She said if next time you do it again, she will throw your panties away [ zap shang la! ]

Please la-.- dry under the sun,the sun was no poison...I think dry under the sun is better than hang in the toilet -.-!!

KORKOR complaints that your panties disturb him,he need to hang towels in the toilet one@@

Although I'm not bath in that kitchen's toilet,but I still got use it sometimes =(

When you come back I want to sing "jalur gemilang" song to you.........


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