Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HappyBirthday special one

最近的话题离不开 Lynas
这是我哥拍他家的有机植物,然后edit成他的facebookprofile picture,我偷来用的

okay back to the topic and language, since my bloggy have alot of mushrooms and dust here
I decided to write a new article, and my blogger readers please come backkkkkkkk T.T

my best friend —— Gniliy Leong a.k.a Yi Ling pass her 19th years old birthday today[6 March 2012]

we so nice and cooperate to give her a surprise
as her best friend, I know that she won't think of her friends will plan a surprise to her
LOL~ big girl don't cry~
with Jesea and Evfoo
obviously this is voluntary by birthday girl

happy birthday leng lui? erm, only Today! =P

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