Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2nd Birthday Celebration

Gniliy Leong aka Yi Ling celebrated her birthday 3times this year
I plan a surprise celebration last 2weeks ago with another gang of old friends
and we did it in her house today, hohoho
                                                 see what a surprise face XD
and we move to Seoul Garden Gurney Plaza to eat our lunch for celebration
(from left) Yee Wu,Evfoo,Katrina,Hoay Shan,Eva,Gniliy, we look so oily after BBQ
Gniliy,Hoay Shan,Yee Wu
here I am, why I heavier 10kg
the fastest to get her dessert among us
from 2pm eat until 4.30pm, full enough!
After that, Hoay Shan went back to INTI for her exam
we went to Redbox afterwards, hehehehe

we cheong K from 4.30pm till 9pm
and we went to Katrina's house at 10pm
driver tonight
keep taking alot of photo with flash
and last we realize, the driver didn't switch on her light along the journey! XD
that's why I wonder why alot of lengzai looking at us LMAO

big fitting room of Katrina's mother, with 360degree of mirror!!
the room is exactly like a dancing studio,but it just a wardrobe with alot of handbag and clothes
we have alot of hapiness today, thanks everyone <3