Sunday, July 10, 2011

last longer

Friday 8/7/2011,
school dismiss at 12.40pm, badly it's raining!
DongDong had borrow my umbrella to others, we all become wet ladies >.<
As usual,Fishyy's mum come to fetch 3 of us to my house
after bathe, Yi Ling was reached my house
My mum cook lunch for us, after lunch, they played in my room like a child =.=

after that we went to course at 4pm
Yi Ling back to her house at 6pm
so Fishyy,Dongdong & I have pillow talk again

Yee Wu phoned me and invite me to her brother wedding dinner,I was so happy! thank you Yee Wu =D

Katrina had called Dongdong and asked us to go out for movie
but it's too late at night, so we just went out to " YamCha "
after Fishyy back, Katrina came to fetch us to Station One @ Komtar Walk
I wonder since when Station One @ Komtar walk had CLOSED!!! T___T
so we went to Old Town White Coffee New World Park
We order the Old Town Supper Menu x 2

Single Set RM3.90 = a plate of 2 toast + a cup of drink
kaya & butter toast, this is very nice,but just a little bit
Enriched Chocolate, so far so good

p/s : I tried before Xi Mat Milk Tea (丝袜奶茶) at Old Town 1st Avenue, sorry that I honest, it is very very very very very very very SHIT MILK TEA that I never drink before

This is UGLY but FUNNY <3
Comment for OldTown New World Park:better don't go there at night,there are MANYYYYYYY mosquito!! few hundred or thousand mosquito there


Last week I went to watch Green Lantern with DongDong
[we haven't watch Transformer 3 leh!!!]
Rating to this movie: the movement of story not so good, but the action & moral value quite nice,but I know the graphic cannot compare to Transformers...
My rate to this movie : ★★★☆☆ because the hero quite handsome actually,haha =X

After movie I went "early dinner" with Dongdong's parent
to me that's just a lunch, they having dinner at 6pm!!!
my dinner time is 9pm-11pm lah =X

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