Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fiesta Georgian

our school —— St.George's Girl School had organized this Fiesta in 2nd July 2011
to prepare this big event of our school, we always go others high schools and colleges promote and sell our coupons

we cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!
this L6V2 is done by Fishyy and me,it's idea of Yi Ling
we waste alot of time on it because it is 2 layers

we planned to have a fantasy decorations of our stalls
here we are :)

we have a fake funny cotton candle somemore, done by Carol 
the L6V2 decoration is done by Shu Nie
BUY any 2items above FREE KISSES from me!! sorry,that's branded American chocolate that I sponsor,not the real kiss =X

This is what we sell on that day

The price is sure and really expensive, because this is Fiesta ! =(
and 60% of our earn need to donate to school
and 40% is already our capital cost of everythings....>.<
so we FORCE to sell expensive

Our Fiesta have food,drinks,games,outside stalls and so on...
we have 80++ stalls there!!!

our school have total more than 3k visitors came
so glad that we have international visitors too

I so shock that we have Haunted House a.k.a Ghost House !!
beside that,we have a Inflatable PlayGround!!!!

we have sweating alot there
totally 飞头散发 & 不顾形象 XDD
as DongDong says, we “欲火焚身” after jump and shout there,hahahahahaha!!

badly,Fishyy had lost her handphone there.....=( and picked by someone and switch off the phone

Friends X)
and we go in Cyber Cafe of our school to online and enjoy aircond too =X


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