Friday, November 30, 2012


For those who have a smartphone, you sure have some apps which can use to chat and message for FREE
the favorite apps for me is LINE !!

I started to use LINE which introduced by friends
I have a group of friends who are know from network games - Meetoto,
we've know each other for more than 4 years, even though we come from different hometown and different range of age, but we have a lot of topic to chat and gossip without any communication gap
unfortunately, after we all quit from the network game and come back to the realistic world, we have a long time didn't chat with each others, even though we all have Facebook account but we still can't chat with them in the same time
but LINE make us gather together ~ It's really appreciated

By using LINE, we can chat in anywhere and anytime in smartphone as long as you can connect to the internet by Wifi or Data
sometimes our conversation messages can reach over thousand per day
see? 999+ means our messages had over more than thousand 

what I like the most is Audio Message, Share Location, and Stickers!!!

we like to record our sound and sometimes singing by LINE audio message

when we want to share where we are, we can click Share Location and the Map will show it

we like to play using stickers by every word and sentences
and good friends means we always chat no matter what's the topic =X

and sometimes, naughty friends will print screen the conversation and share to Facebook with others

LINE not only can set your status and also can post what's in your mind in Timeline like what we have in Facebook, but the different is you can post together with LINE Stickers~

beside that, LINE have some Official Line like artist Della丁当、Yen-J严爵、关思敏、2PM and so on
another favorite of LINE user is the LINE Camera and LINE Games

LINE not only able to use in smartphone, but also in Desktop Version

LINE is now popular in 25 countries and used by 75 Million user worldwide !
you can imagine how's the rating in smartphone user's mind
but what user crazy of.......LINE Dolls is now available to get it in real life!!!!

I knew LINE Dolls is available when I notice Wind Koh holding this in Malaysia PWH Music Award

and my Favorite DJ - Teddy Chin post about LINE dolls too ~~!

Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur are crowded with LINE characters !!!
I hope to visit now but I'm having my STPM examination till the mid of December

you can buy LINE Dolls in Action City 

By the way, I can't wait to own a LINE DOLLS !
and now you got the opportunity ~!
LINE Malaysia will randomly choose three bloggers who shared their article until December 15th 1800 Malaysian Time and send them LINE Dolls and Stickers! 
this is the opportunity for bloggers !
so what bloggers waiting for? come click on LINE Malaysia Official Facebook for more information
don't forget to share this message to others too
a quote from every bloggers, Sharing is Caring ~


Cyrus Lor said...

話說,action city@johor bahru也有得買.前幾天看到,還拍那個蘑菇給老蟲看tim...

evfoo said...

oh, I not very well know about action city outlet, but since action city got selling, so i think every outlet got stock too

Unknown said...

how to register new account in LINE app?