Sunday, March 27, 2011

KL trip

since the title is TRIP, there will be a long post here

17/3, 4.30pm leave penang
9.30pm reach 1utama, we have a dinner near by patrick's house


18/3,after breakfast we rush to SUNWAY LAGOON
when we first entered,we played Roller Coaster
so we didn't felt any excited for wet park & dry park game afterwards ~.~
after we finish all game at wet park, it's RAINING! wth T_T
we have a walk at Sunway Piramid afterwards, and try 龙记猪肉包

dinner we join philip&kim went ”得得地“
badly I didn't took photo of the restaurant,the restaurant really name 『得得地』!


19/3,after breakfast we went to Philip&Kim's house
philip&patrick date to play badminton,sister&I went to shopping @ Empire Subang&Subang Parade

toilet at Empire have 360 degree!! my sis started to camwhole
there have a shop name AV world, LMAO
evening we went to one utama with patrick

shopping at 1U and bought present for uncle Raymond (patrick's father)

we have dinner at Asia Cafe infront of INTI college
a duper BIG cup of watermelon juice

20/3 morning, we have breakfast at IKEA!!!!
I damn wish to go IKEA because I never went there before
there are unlimited refill free coffee if you get a cup before 9.30am !
after that we have a walk at Ikea, Ikano, E-curve & the Curve

I saw MILAN STATION @ e-curve!!!
afternoon,we went roller skating with philip & kim
we have fun there,thanks PHILIP :D

evening we went to Sungai Wang
and we saw 鱼米人家造势活动!

my sis and I crazy shop there,so we do not have time to shop Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, Fahrenheit!!

 so we just walk by and capture some photo

there really look like Tokyo, really big different to Penang,my sis & I seem like a 大陆妹出城
Thanks Kim ! you really bring us(2大陆妹) take a different look at KL
and teach us some 人生大道理 :DD

21/3, we have breakfast&lunch together at SHOGUN @ Sunway Piramid!
if you are a lover of TAOs, I can tell you...
SHOGUN is such better than TAO and cheaper than TAO!!!

finally I tried "buddha jump over the wall", I don't like the smell =(
everything is free to eat and take, can't finish also nevermind! (since you pay the entry fees)
badly, it's only available at KL
we don't stop eat and "pangsai" and eat and "pangsai",so we ate alot there
I guess SHOGUN will close up if there have more 100 customers like us

we have a fun time at one of the playground at Subang @ 4pm

and I have my first time to bring charlie(patrick's dog) to walk and vet clinic @5pm
he so scare, he thought we going to kill him, afraid till no moving at all
at night,we tidy up luggage,dinner and saying goodbye
and we FLY back to PENANG at 11pm
Thanks aunty Jeanifer & uncle Raymond
and thanks Philip and Kimberly too
I have a great harvest trip =)

And thanks NTV7 微博 upload 渔米人家造势活动photo to me X)

a great news here, I get my SPM result !!!
how? it's so great that I do not have any C,D,E,F,G
just have A+,A and B+,B
it's enough for me,because I do not pay hard for SPM
I so satisfied my result, and my parents & siblings too =)

I going to explore my FORM6 soon...See You <3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

do u saw mushroom here?=X

opps, I received some complain from my friends
they saw mushrooms on my blog!
due to the problem my ex readers run away and less comments
so I lazy to post a new topic/title
I will going to KL at 17 April, sure have new topic for blogging soon

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