Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dad's Birthday@Santorini Cafe

My dad's birthday on 6th May, but it is Monday that my sister need to work even Public Holiday, and my brother and sis-in-law travel to Seoul Korea
some more 5th May is Malaysia 13th General Election Day (Dirty Black Election Day)
My dad work in DAP Headquater, he so busy before GE13,
so we pre-celebrate his birthday together with my mum, brother, sis-in-law, sister and dearest on 1st May 2013 (Labour Day),
Actually my dad need to work in Labour Day too, but he come after work around 7.30pm

Everytime when we need to hang out and celebrating some special days, my brother always ask me to think where to eat.....[ hello you know this question is so challenging?! ]
At the end my sister suggest to Santorini Cafe 爱琴海

For Set Dinner, add on RM5 can get 1 Mushroom Soup, 1 Drinks and 1 Dessert
the right up is Mushroom Soup, look so nice but taste not nice

our family love to eat Western Food or Japanese Food, so we all choose western food coincide... [Santorini got many type of food wey = =]

Recommended appetizer of Santorini Cafe
Santorini Potato Salad RM5.00
[ taste is nice but I think this is too normal with just potato and salad mayonnaise ]

mummy love salmon much, and this is the one recommended by waitress
Salmon Her-Mus-Ney RM17.90
[ the sauce of this is so BAD, but the grilled salmon is nice ]

sister-in-law and me order the same, we're fish lover too :P
Oat Fish Chop RM11.90
[ I like this because this is nice and crispy, slurpp ]

daddy order fish too
Butterine Fish Chop RM13.90
[ sorry I didn't taste because I sit too far from my dad =X ]

wondering of the name of coffee taste western food, so Dearest order this
Coffee Chicken Chop RM12.90
[ the chicken is nice and crispy, but the coffee sauce taste so weird together with the chop ]

 Sister order the one same name as the order of my mum
Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop RM10.90
[ the her-mus-ney sauce is still so weird because we don't like the mustard smell ]

brother order something that I don't know the name

Address : 94, Jalan Burma, Georgetown, 10050 Penang (beside Little Cottage)
Business Hour : Tuesday to Sunday , 11am - 3pm ; 5pm - 10pm
Contact Number : 04-2292776 ; 016-4416039

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孤傲的王子 said...

happy birthday to uncle...
all the foods look yummy :)