Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October baby

Yes I'm a October baby, October should be a sad month because it's the last month before my STPM, but also my lovely month because it's my birthday month !

Pink For October, October is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I like pink colour, I like October, of course I don't like cancer
breast cancer is also source of my mum to get brain cancer
by the way, I still love October because all of you     


the very 1st birthday celebration is 20 Oct, Saturday 
Fishyy, Jesea, Gniliy , Me and Thean Chye had a lunch in Edo Echi
picture get from here

I don't take photos of FOOD and Friends here because we all are freaking hungry
for more information of food blogging Edo Ichi, click here to recommended blog
Edo Ichi food is very nice and delicious but the pricing is quite expensive, by the way my friend Fishyy said Sushi Zento's food nicer
p/s, what I eat in Edo Ichi is Salmon Bento, it is very nice but it cost RM35 ! [thanks Thean Chye paid for me]

Thanks for the present from Thean Chye, I like this book so much ! Thank You

Thanks this T-shirt from Jesea, but the size is so slim and small for me, 
she ask me ON DIET if I wish to wear it ! 你好野.....


the 2nd day which is 21 Oct, Sunday 
my sister prepared a Steamboat Breakfast + Lunch for me as a birthday celebration
my brother in outstation that day, so we just had it with my parents
because my mum is under Chemotherapy right now, so the food must be quite healthy and suitable for her
the steamboat soup is actually porridge soup
all the meat ball, fish ball, prawn, cuttlefish, ham, eggs are all for us~~!

this is Drunken Prawn which cook with rice wine by my SISTER~

this is cuttlefish with I don't know what simple recipe but it is really NICE IN THE WORLD!!!

yes it's cook by my MOTHER, I never tried this from my mum because she don't like to cook seafood because I'm actually allergy to seafood especially crab, so she always stop me to eat every seafood except fish


we had graduated on 24 Oct, Wednesday
let's share some Chok graduation photos here
Above : Fishyy , Gniliy
Bottom : Ev , Gniliy
the above Chok Team more Chok right? of course lah because I'm the director and photographer of the above picture XD

have you seen this screen before? It's Stephen Chow's movie 唐伯虎点秋香

so we have the girlish parody here
From Left : Fishyy , Gniliy , Ev
haha FAILED ! hiao leh ?


the 3rd day of birthday celebration was 26 Oct, Friday 
I have a good friend a.k.a brother who we know for more than 3 years but we never meet before
and finally he came to Penang treat me and Fishyy eat japanese cuisine for celebrating my birthday
and we went to Japin, QueensbayMall

Fishyy , Liang Wei
Last time Fishyy call Liangwei as Mother and I call him as Brother, so we all act same pattern
and we have walk, play, chit chat for few hours in Queensbaymall, so happy that we can meet each other finally~


The Evening of same day, another gang of friends had a BBQ party for me in Liu Xing's house

I didn't take every food photos because everyone grab to start the BBQ ! 
Feel like cannot lose to others, BBQ is like fighting in the war HAHA

this is very nice !! but I don't know where to buy, these bought by Liu Xing's mother
because of BBQ, so we all sure don't dress up nicely and make up, everyone come with 素颜 XD
Jennifer , Hor Yean
Tam Jiak gang : Jesea , Ev
Best Friend : Gniliy , Ev
Jennifer , Gniliy
Wei Wei , Jesea , Poh Ting
from left : Poh Ting , Jennifer , Wei Wei , Hor Yean , Gniliy , Ev
eiii wait, where is the owner - Liu Xing ?!
she is very busy because she busy of bbq and tidy up everything, so sorry that we just know to sit down and watch movie after stomach full....

so here come with Liu Xing ~~!
from left : Liu Xing , Jennifer , Wei Wei (up) , Poh Ting (bottom) , Gniliy , Hor Yean , Ev , Jesea
we all are definitely oily and tired face after BBQ
Big Thanks to Liu Xing's family especially parents, and thanks her auntie's Pizza Hut too


I haven't celebrate my birthday with my brother and sister-in-law, so we went to Sushi Kitchen together with parents on 27 Oct, Saturday 

the shop add on many antique, I have a long time not been there because it's located quite far for me

this two new antique I like the most ~


and the actual date —— 28 Oct, Sunday !!! 
but I have no date on this day =.=

my sister come back Penang in the morning, so she ask me for hang out in afternoon
and I suggest to movie because I have such a long time didn't watch movie in cinema
Love is Pyjamas 男人如衣服 is very funny
I like this because I like Ronald Cheng 郑中基 so much
Can you see? the 2 movie tickets is Free Of Charge !!
because I have 1 free GSC birthday coupon and 1 free starwalks GSC compliment


and the night of 11pm, I came out from bathroom and change to my pyjamas for ready to sleep
but THEY make me a surprise !

yes I really happy, excited and surprised because u all pass with me the last 1 hour birthday
They "clever" because they know to collaborate with my father
but "stupid" because their surprising cake failed cause of Jesea who don't know light up the candle

from left, Jesea , Leo , Katrina , Gniliy , Jing Yan
This picture is ugly enough but they ask me to post
a funny joke to them is : "if I know you all will come for a surprise for me, I will dress up nicely ~~ "
and their reply is :"we purposely want to see your exhausted tired sleepy auntie real face" 

Messy Situation after ate delicious cake


but my life are shinny with all of you all, 
thanks for those friends who want to celebrate with me but can't make it too
I received every wishes from you all     

I done this article by almost 3 hours, omg blogging is so tired
I'm going to Singapore this week, will have a LONG & BIG article once I back from Free Trip which sponsored by 988 Radio Station ~

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