Sunday, September 16, 2012

R.I.P Hatchi

I used to post my hamsters story last time, because hamsters are my first and the only one pets that I have.
you can see my blog labels category got “菠萝油の宠物

this article would like to say about my Hatchi !
he pass away few days ago in Petaling Jaya ='(
he is my sister's bf lovely pet, he have some down syndrome when he was young

let's see his picture
when he was first time stepped in our house, he was so nervous that time, the whole night he keep shouting
[just a little voice of "chi chi chi"]
we shocked because most of hamsters wont be like this

Why he was here?
because my sister have a pair of hamster couple last time, [name Mickie & Minnie]
but the male been killed by the female, so my sister and her bf bought a new hamster and
name it as Hatchi [sneeze voice]
and they make Minnie & Hatchi to be a couple
badly, Minnie is still so fierce, she still like to bite Hatchi
so my sister separated them, give Minnie alone to me in Penang

but then I found Minnie birth out 4 babies when I'm home a day after school
the very 1st generations hamsters in my life !
you can't imagine how excited we are, and I was look like a grandma who know my daughter give me a new generations!!

but the sad case happen was one of the babies died, and few days later, Minnie passed away too
my sister recorded a video of Minnie when she going to die, click here to youtube

I cried for a week when Minnie left us, so I promise to take care the other 3 babies
we name them as North East South, West was died
after north east south, we have another 2 more generations

okay stop talking about North East South, this topic is about Hatchi

Hatchi consider as the eldest, he is a grand-grand-grand father, he been with us for nearly 3years
he is fat but muscular, cute but man, he like to act Tarzan in his cage to get our attention
but he getting older and older, suffering for the age, like human
what we can see is, SLIM WEAK DRY SUFFER

with 4 generations of hamsters, death of hamsters very common and normal, I don't feel any sad on Hatchi, at least he passed his life very good
but Minnie pass away because of Throat Tumor, like a cancer, I can imagine how suffering of Minnie when she cannot drink,eat and breath nicely

Cancer or Tumor, for me it is horrible
My Grandma got cancer, my mother's brother & sister got cancer, my mum got cancer
If it is because of Genes, so my cousin, sister, brother or me will get it too?
It's future story
but I can pretty sure that my brother-in-law & sister-in-law will treat my brother & sister very nice like my father

Do you know? we got a friend's father left his wife because he realize his wife got cancer, he not willing to take any responsible and care on it
Please, don't marry if you can't pass distress with her
Seriously I don't want a relationship because I knew too much of this stories

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