Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re-celebrating TSW's BD

from left : Yi Ling, Yee Wu, Katrina, Jesea, Evfoo

11/5/2012, We plan to re-celebrate Tan Sue Wei a.k.a Katrina's 19 years old birthday
[err,her birthday was 14/4/2012, haha re-celebrate after we all finished exam]

deng deng~ we are going to fetch Katrina~

sorry my hand is shaking when taking photo in the car
We having our dinner @ Crepe Cottage [my Ex- working restaurant]

Obviously this restaurant is very nice so I suggested all my "yim jim" (picky in taste) friends come to eat

more photos of Savouries and Desserts please click here

and we taking alot of photos in here, keep "zi lian" (self-lover) here, haha, have fun alot :D

Yee Wu , Yi Ling

Katrina TSW , Jesea

Jesea, Ev Foo, Yi Ling

wish you older 1 year, prettier 1 more level :P
let's see what we order
[photo grab from Crepe Cottage's Facebook]
Yi Ling order this, Double Decker Cheesy Beef 

Birthday Girl Katrina order this, Herbed Lamb
I order this, Cheese Crumbed Chicken
Yee Wu order this, Almond Chicken
Jesea order this, Black Pepper Roasted Chicken
Dessert : Hot Apple, we always call it HOT HOT when I worked there
this one I like the most! Yee Wu too, inside is Ice Cream :P
Sunburst, pancake is under the Sun~ haha
Thanks a lot to Crepe Cottage, thanks my auntie, cousin, friends, boss in there, they gift this to birthday girl
MY Favourite: BEAR BEAR PANCAKE [special order only]

I asked them act as a "tam jiak" (love to eat) gang
Yi Ling, Katrina TSW, Jesea, Ev Foo

when we want to turn back to Gurney Paragon to have a walk after dinner, we met a woman driver in Myvi, she is so suck and stop in the yellow box
  1. we only HONK her and let her know that she should give a place for us because we come out from Junction, YELLOW BOX is for us because you now is stopping in yellow box infront of a Traffic Light! HALO, RED LIGHT of traffic and you cannot stop in the yellow box! and still speed up want to bang our car when we Honk her
  2. after that we follow her car to a petrol station, she can park so far from the petrol pump, keep reverse and park just infront of the petrol pump!!
  3. when she come out from a petrol station, just to get in her car to a correct way but SHE FAILED TO DO IT!! i wonder why how she can get her driving license!! maybe she can't see the Line on the road, or she is blind?!

let's see her car no plat !

but finally we stop our madness, and we go to Straits Quay

and go The Library have a drinks too

sorry, my hand is shaking again

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