Wednesday, May 23, 2012

L.O.V.E part 1 - Wedding Dinner

Wedding Dinner is very common to everyone and I believe you sure attended before

19 May 2012 is a big big big big day for all of us (I means my family),
we all are so excited and waiting for this day ! and it's happened finally !

we arrived at Stone Bay Restaurant and my sister help my brother make up @ 5.30pm

my sis and I in-charge of reception

at first I asked my brother:" do we need to prepare any paper or card to let all guests have a signature? "
my brother answer :"No Need, the reception table is too small"
but I make my own decision, I bought a big red card and cut it into 4pieces,
but finally I know the table is big enough ! aiyo I shouldn't cut the card >.<
I'm first time to make a best decision in my life in front of my brother !! hahaha =X

My sister-in-law bought 350pieces of souvenir, cute dog~

actually it is a towel, with a dog look, 
with 7 colours of choices to let guests to choose

okay stop all my words, let show all dinner photo, I guess you all know how a wedding dinner move on
my sister-in-law's champaign cover jump into my leg! 
everyone laugh at my brother, because he failed to open a champaign ! haha funny XD 
his champaign cover just pop out beside his hand
【song to be continued at next article】

As consuetude, must "Yam Seng" !
I shout very loud, shout all wishes into a "yam seng" word
bridegroom have his speech with mandarin, poor mandarin man, he is a english educated boy
he tell all guest: eat well sleep well today, HAHA

 After all, sure bride & bridegroom "Yam Seng" with one by one table
when it going to dismiss, everyone grab to taking photos with bride & bridegroom

wonder why I didn't talk about "接新娘" ?? (a morning that bridegroom bring bride from her house)
normally people will make it in one day, which is from morning till night
but my brother & sis-in-law set it on 20 May 2012 [the next day after wedding dinner]
next article coming soon, will tell you how my brother get his bride by dancing kpop with his "bridegroom brothers"!!!

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BIG complaint here,
for those who might want to know what's rating of Stone Bay?
PLEASE, if you wish a better service, reasonable price, reasonable service, better food
Please DO NOT Choose STONE BAY, you will regret about it
if you want a full complaint? contact me by facebook, will tell you how was it

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Smooth Criminal F said...

Stone bay doesn't really have good food. Went there once for my friend's birthday, sucks....ended up going home to eat instant noodles ><

Btw, that's The cutest souvenir I have ever seen! :)